Face Mists

Every day, our skin is exposed to external factors that can disrupt its natural balance. Rezet360° introduces its exclusive face mist: a detox mist with an Ayurvedic formulation. This product is not just a simple spray water but a genuine treatment that purifies, refreshes, and revitalizes the skin in a single gesture. Its Ayurvedic composition acts deeply, providing a moment of relief and well-being for your skin. Use it at any time of the day for a refreshing experience and to keep your face hydrated and protected. With Rezet360°, your skin receives the care and attention it deserves.

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    Defence Anti-Pollution Spray: As fresh as a tonic and as nourishing as a serum, it quenches the thirst of dehydrated skin and brings immediate relief to skin that is dry, tight or attacked by external agents. The presence of Hyaluronic Acid, Trehalose and Glycosaminoglycans ensure a long-lasting hydration cascade with a protective and detoxifying action.