Sun Care

Rezet360°'s Sun Care category is crafted for those seeking high-level sun protection combined with daily anti-aging treatment. Our Daily Solar Serum is a next-generation facial serum offering advanced defense against UVA and UVB rays, preventing photo-aging and sun spots with a formula enriched with soothing, protective, antioxidant, and hydrating active ingredients. Perfect for those in need of a daily solution to combat the signs of aging while keeping the skin luminous and actively shielded, our solar serum absorbs quickly, leaving no residue, acting as an invisible shield and a comprehensive beauty treatment. Suitable for everyone, men and women alike, for visibly younger, vital, and refreshed skin. With Rezet360°, your skin is not just protected but also nourished and rejuvenated every day under the sun.

  • Daily Solar Serum
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    Daily Solar Serum


    Nutri-repair & Protect: It is a serum/facial lotion in fine emulsion formulated for active protection against UVB and UVA rays. A daily ally against photo-aging and an excellent product for the preventive treatment of sun spots.