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Rezet360 is an Honest cosmetic brand that maintains this 360 degree philosophy within all aspects of the product. The communication could not be different.

Our social media campaign includes real people. Rezet 360 doesn’t pay influencers. Our influencer is you regardless of whether you have 5 or a million followers, because for us All Skins are Beautiful and we are all influencers in our real world.

If you want to be part of our social networks,  please send us an email to 

with the following information and become an InfluencerRezet360

Your Name

Your city

your Instagram@

Your email

Your photo

Your best photo, with a soft touch-up made by our official photographer, will be published on our social networks instagram and Facebook, exclusively tagging you with your nickname. share it as many times as you want! 

when you sed your photo & personal information you give us the autorización to used it in our social media  @rezet360 and #franzserranoe. 

In order to be published you must follow us on our social media 


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