REZET 360°, the new Italian brand of active cosmetics that revolutionizes the approach to beauty and rewrites the dynamics of the contemporary market, is an experience of rebirth. Conceived by Franz Serrano Evers, it is not just another skin care brand, but the result of a 35-year project that the entrepreneur has followed and taken care of in every detail with the aim of presenting an honest and effective line of products that is both original and avant-garde.

Franz Serrano Evers knowledge and awareness of fashion, television and international entrepreneurship, as well as his personal experience of sensitivity and skincare, are incorporated into the REZET 360° products. All this has been interpreted through a highly scientific research programme that has, for the first time, led to the formulation of an innovative anti-ageing line capable of interacting in an active and personalised manner with male and female skins that differ in age and characteristics. The ingredients are selected and combined with an experimental approach to stimulate the natural production of the elements that make the skin fresh, radiant and elastic.

Technology partners

For the Investigation and Development of the products, rezet 360 has worked together with prestigious Italian laboratories as they are Coslab Lombardia for manufacturing and Zeleblab for the Creative Direction of the Products.