REZET 360° - Company Profile

REZET 360° Company Profile

REZET 360° represents a revolution in the world of active cosmetics, embodying a rebirth experience in the field of beauty. This Italian-made brand, a product of Franz Serrano Evers' vision, goes beyond simple skincare, marking the pinnacle of a 35-year journey in the art of cosmetics. With an impressive sale of 18,000 products in just two years at the prestigious Coin retail outlets, REZET 360° establishes itself as a benchmark for an authentic and innovative cosmetic experience.

REZET 360° products are the culmination of skills and awareness Franz has developed in the world of fashion, television, and international entrepreneurship. This expertise is reflected in a product line that embraces a cutting-edge scientific approach, capable of actively and personally responding to the diverse needs of the skin. The exclusive selection of ingredients and the experimental combination of active principles are at the heart of this innovative anti-aging line.

REZET 360° stands out for its view of cosmetics not merely as repairers but as true activators of the skin’s natural regeneration processes. Each product is designed to be versatile and adaptable to different needs, offering a personalized experience of care and well-being.

Packaged in elegant 30 ml bottles, REZET 360° products embody a philosophy of concreteness and transparency, moving away from the superficial dynamics of cosmetic marketing. The refined yet sober design of the containers reflects the excellence of the Made in Italy formulations, with visible effects already in the first week of treatment.

Innovation and scientific research are the pillars upon which REZET 360° is founded, a creative laboratory that offers high-quality products for beauty and well-being. The line is constantly evolving, introducing capsule collections to meet specific needs and offering an ever more complete and cutting-edge range.

2023 marks a significant evolution for REZET 360° with the launch of "Plex by Rezet360°", a haircare line developed in collaboration with one of the leading laboratories in Turkey. This new range of haircare products stands out for its rich textures and effective formulas, designed to nourish and revitalize hair without weighing it down. Plex by Rezet360° embodies the brand's commitment to innovation and quality, further expanding its offering in an ever-evolving sector.

Franz Serrano Evers, with his philosophy intertwining beauty, well-being, and a holistic approach to life, leads REZET 360° towards new horizons of excellence, offering consumers a beauty experience that goes beyond aesthetics to touch the very essence of personal well-being. REZET 360° is not just a cosmetic brand, but a journey towards a new culture of cosmetics, where prevention and care merge into a single concept of healthy and conscious beauty.