REZET 360° - Company Profile

REZET 360°, the new Italian brand of active cosmetics that revolutionizes the approach to beauty and rewrites the dynamics of the contemporary market, is an experience of rebirth. Conceived by Franz Serrano Evers, it is not just another skin care brand, but the result of a 35-year project that the entrepreneur has followed and taken care of in every detail with the aim of presenting an honest and effective line of products that is both original and avant-garde.

Franz Serrano Evers' knowledge and awareness of fashion, television and international entrepreneurship, as well as his personal experience of sensitivity and skincare, are incorporated into the REZET 360° products. All this has been interpreted through a highly scientific research programme that has, for the first time, led to the formulation of an innovative anti-ageing line capable of interacting in an active and personalised manner with male and female skins that differ in age and characteristics. The ingredients are selected and combined with an experimental approach to stimulate the natural production of the elements that make the skin fresh, radiant and elastic.

REZET 360° does not intend cosmetic products as mere repairers, but as activators of the skin's natural regeneration processes, and for this reason they have a dual value: on young skins they act in a logic of prevention like a workout in the gym, on mature skins they reactivate the bio-vital characteristics of the tissues, stimulating them to get going again. With three references ideally designed for women, two for men and a unisex product, the brand combines its proposals in a routine that is absolutely free and customisable: each cosmetic can be interpreted and easily adapted for its transversal requirements, leaving ample space for the personal discovery of one's own well-being.

Proposed in a maxi format, the bottles have been designed to offer an excellent quality-price ratio. Clearly distancing themselves from the pandering dynamics of cosmetic marketing, they clearly reveal the brand's philosophy based on the concreteness of its proposals. The refined but sober design of the containers is consistent with the excellence of the made in Italy formulations, whose effects are already visible during the first week of treatment.

REZET 360° is a creative laboratory that places scientific research at the service of beauty, well-being and respect for the skin. It is a brand capable of embracing contemporary changes because it was born to evolve over time: the basic line, which encapsulates the brand's vision, is flanked by capsule collections designed to meet specific needs dictated by the changing seasons, extraordinary events and lifestyle habits, with the aim of offering an increasingly complete and cutting-edge range of products.

For REZET 360°, the theme of ageing becomes the starting point for a new cosmetic culture, in which prevention is the protagonist. The results of the treatments also contribute to a broader experience of well-being, allowing you to rediscover a prolonged youthfulness in terms of vitality and performance. The brand offers the opportunity to embark on a new healthy lifestyle that combines skin care and inner balance.

In the vision of Franz Serrano Evers, founder and CEO of REZET 360°, "beauty is not just an aesthetic concept, but something broader, holistic, involving the whole of a person's existence because it expresses an inner condition. I recently turned 50 and many people don't associate my appearance with my age because I have worked hard to create harmony between mind and body, to learn to listen to myself, to respect myself and to dialogue with my deepest self. I try to live with serenity on the subject of ageing because familiarity with this inevitable subject and its management is determined above all by the spirit with which we approach life: beauty is almost more a question of philosophical attitude than of aesthetic canons".